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From full tear downs of sub-frames and suspensions, to R Stamp MC 331 repairs, to paint and maintenance, you can trust that all refurbishments completed by Countryside Tank Company meet American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and American Welding Society (AWS) standards of approval.


All Countryside Tank Company products are built to last. Our tanks, trailers and bobtails all start with the highest quality components and are built by experienced and certified welders and mechanics in a state-of-the-art facility. Our products are built to conform to American Society of Mechanical Engineering codes.


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How it's made: MC-331 Transport Trailers

First, large sheets of steel
are rolled into cylinder shapes.
The bottle is welded together
to form a "pill" shape.
The bottle now has subframes, axles
and wheels added to make it into a trailer.
Finally, the trailer is painted and fitted to your exact specifications.


We build, refurbish, fix, and customize Hazmat certified tanks and trailers for safe transport of liquefied natural gasses, including butane, anhydrous ammonia (NH3) and propane (LP). We make the best MC-331 transport trailers and bobtails in the USA. Whatever your needs -– Hazmat certified, tandem axle, tri (tridem) axle and Quad axle -- we’ll happily customize any trailer to your specifications.

Give us a visit and we’ll proudly show off our merchandise, facilities, and the great people who put their reputation behind every piece of equipment. We’re confident you won’t find better customer service or higher quality manufacturing anywhere else.