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I certify that the above information is true and correct and give authorization for investigation of all statements and information contained int his application, my resume, and other documents or verbally obtained during an employment interview. I voluntarily consent to allow Iowa Steel Fabrication, LLC or any of it’s representatives or agents to check my references by contacting any persons, company or governmental entity they deem to be an appropriate reference. I understand these questions may pertain to my personal or educational background, work experience, character or behavior. I understand my employment is subject to satisfactory verification of this information and agree that deliberate falsification of this document or significant omissions shall be grounds for employment consideration disqualification or dismissal from employment, if discovered at a later date. I pledge, if hired, to comply with the guidelines of conduct and company policies and procedures of Iowa Steel Fabrication, LLC, but realize that company policies, procedures, practices or statements made during an interview or employment do not create an employment contract by implication or otherwise. I further understand and agree that my employment is for no definite period of time and may, regardless or time and manner, be terminated by the company or myself with or without cause or previous motive. i understand that employment may be subject to satisfactory completion of a physical examination and drug screening by company physicians after a contingent employment offer is made. This application will be kept in a current file for thirty days. If not contacted during that period of time, it may be necessary to complete another application to receive further employment consideration.